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8 Signs Your Organization is Ready for the Cloud

Are your IT systems in-house, but you’re wondering if cloud computing can benefit your business?  Here are 8 signs that your organization is ready for the cloud.

1. Monthly Maintenance Costs Getting Out of Control – Is your IT infrastructure taking too much time or costing too much money to keep up? With a cloud solution all these overheads become the responsibility of your IT support company.

2. Aging Systems – Are your systems starting show signs of instability? Is a system crash becoming an all too regular event or are you worried about what would happen if one did happen? Cloud solutions utilize the latest hardware and software, which have built-in redundancy.  This ultra redundant configuration allows for regular system upgrades with no downtime.

3. Disaster Recovery and Preparedness – Are you certain that if your current IT systems failed that your business would survive? Do you have a documented plan of action on how to recover in the event of a disaster or total system failure? Cloud solutions are designed to be highly fault tolerant and globally available.

4. Upgrade Costs are Sky High – Is the price to replace your server so high that you can’t justify the upfront capital expenditure? A cloud solution requires no investment in hardware upfront, you pay monthly for only the services you use.

5. Remote Access and Mobility – Are you in need of remote access to your systems and data? Do you have an existing system that is more of a hassle than it is worth and resulting in lost productivity for your mobile workforce? Cloud solutions were designed from the ground up for remote access and mobility.

6. Backups – Could you use a better backup solution for routine tasks such as file restores and pulling from archives? Do you need a longer retention period or off-site storage for compliance? A cloud solution typically bundles a backup strategy as part of the solution.

7. Security is a Concern – It’s not uncommon for workers to save data to their computers or worse, removable storage devices that get lost. With a cloud solution, the data is securely available from anywhere. There is just no need to keep it anywhere else.

8. Go Green – Instead of having to run a host of servers and services in a climate controlled environment with all the power consumption considerations, your systems are moved to the cloud service provider whose systems will be streamlined and more efficient.

At d2 Business Solutions, we help all size organizations migrate to the cloud.
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