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Don’t Fall Prey to the Summertime Crash!

Unfortunately, this is not the same as the summertime “crush” of your youth. The summertime crash is the network crash that occurs for one in three businesses, when hot weather and inadequate software leads to networks going down for long, long periods of time. For these businesses, “downtime” is not just an expression; it’s a reality.

The companies that experience this are typically businesses that insist on retaining an in-house IT department, but can’t afford to update their software – and so, the hapless IT staff just plows on in their outdated data center, struggling to get the network back up on a weekly basis. Sounds like good times, doesn’t it? And for the owner, it leaves little room for expanding anything outside of the IT department because of the budgetary drain. Yes, the summertime crash is a virtual Death Valley on company resources.

Here’s what it needs: a cool drink of water, fresh from the cloud. We’re using a lot of metaphors here, but you get the idea. A company that experiences too many summertime crashes needs to consider outsourcing its IT department and migrating its infrastructure to the cloud – pronto! When this happens, it’s amazing how much life is breathed into the business. Because there are no more constant network outages to contend with, the minimal IT staff that is needed can attend to truly important business (like the help desk. Unfortunately, we’ll always need them for that!). And typically, the boss has more money to work with than ever.

One recent survey revealed that 46% of companies are virtualizing their data centers, and that by 2015, the number may be as high as 59%. What that means is that outsourcing IT, virtualizing data and storing in the cloud is becoming the norm – and it’s time to get on board if you have not yet already. It’s the best way to avoid the summertime crash; in fact, it may be the only way.

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