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SBS 2011 Essentials Evaluation now Available–Start Downloading Today!

[Todays post comes to us courtesy of Enrico Toro, Product Manager of Server and Cloud Platform Marketing.]

“SBS 2011 Essentials is so much more than just a network attached hard drive. You don’t even realize how many things you can run on the server that used to be on PC."     Brett Schulte, Owner, Loteria Grill

We are happy to announce that the evaluation version of Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Essentials is available to download on beginning today. Also TechNet and MSDN subscribers will access to the download starting today as well.


Built on Windows Server 2008 R2, SBS Essentials is an agile new product designed and priced as a solution for businesses that have fewer than 25 users and do not have a client/server network in place. SBS Essentials gives small business customers an easy way to get their infrastructure in place using our simple-to-deploy server. At the same time, SBS Essentials ensures that business-critical data is regularly and automatically backed up, the health of the network is actively monitored, and users and computer management are easy and straightforward. In addition the comprehensive extensibility built into the product makes it easy to take advantage of a wide variety of cloud services and third-party additions.

SBS Essentials also provides the ability to manage the server and its connected computers remotely using a web browser, greatly simplifying the job of the typical small business’ IT partner.

Even licensing is simplified. SBS Essentials will allow you to connect up to 25 users or devices to the network without having to buy additional CALs.

The evaluation copy will be valid for up to 180 days, and you fully activate it to a full version with a product key anytime within the evaluation period. We believe that during the evaluation period the value of having SBS Essentials in your network will be clear to you as it is to Seth Feist, from Northwest Insurance Brokers, who says, “Being able to monitor all the desktops and laptops from one machine is great. It saves me time from having to go to each machine and check on updates. Having each machine automatically back up at a specific time is great so I never have to wonder if every person in my office is backing up daily like they should.

The product will be available through all channels, including Volume Licensing, starting May 1. Many OEMs and System Builders have already started building specific form factors and solutions based on SBS 2011 Essentials which will start becoming available in the market in May.

Learn why users like Brian Woltz of Parkway Physiotherapy and Performance Center say that “SBS Essentials has provided my company with a stable, organized and efficient foundation from which we can build our business. Most importantly it has enabled me to do some of my work from home, a big plus for my family”.

Schedule some time to visit our website and to get familiar with the product by reading about its features. Or you can watch our video learning bites to know more detail on SBS Essentials’ functionalities. Then download a copy and start discovering the multiple ways Windows SBS 2011 Essentials can benefit you and your business.

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