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The Cloud Computing Race

Everywhere you turn, more large companies are jumping into the cloud. They know the cloud is the secure way to store files, and they know that cloud file sharing for business is will protect their shared data in the event of a security breach. In fact, the cloud has become so pervading that now, the biggest names in business and technology are investing big budgets into building up their cloud capabilities, racing to be the first to become the dominant name in cloud computing.

Case in point: Google recently reported that it’s doubling its office space near Seattle to expand its cloud technology team and engineers. Because it is arguably the biggest name in search and it has the power to make or break the visibility of every website, pleasing Google is the goal of every smart webmaster. If your organization understands the influence of Google, then it may be of interest to you that Google values the cloud enough to significantly expand its physical property to make room for a bigger cloud team.

Who is Google competing with in the cloud race? As always, it’s Microsoft. The company that gave us the world we now live in recently invested an astounding $700 million on a new data center to support its cloud expansion. Dubbed “Project Mountain,” the data center is not located in Seattle, as one would think; instead, it is planted in West Des Moines, Iowa, perhaps as a way of positioning the data of MS cloud users literally in the middle of the country. Maybe it’s symbolic, maybe it isn’t – but it proves that Microsoft knows the value of the cloud.

In fact, Microsoft actually preceded Google in this shift; two years prior to the news of Google’s cloud expansion, Microsoft announced that 90% of its research and development investment was earmarked for cloud technology. No matter which of these big tech behemoths wins the cloud computing race, we want you to know that d2 Business Solutions has been doing business in the cloud for more than five years. We may not have the name recognition of Google or Microsoft, but we continue to reinvest into our infrastructure into providing the most high quality cloud storage services and cloud file sharing for business. The fact that these big names know the value of the cloud proves one thing: that we’re doing something right.

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