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What Makes Cloud File Sharing Better?

What Makes Cloud File Sharing Better?

That is the question that many enterprisers are asking, and for good reason: Everyone is talking about the cloud’s superiority to other file storage service and backup methods, and it can be easy to assume that much of it is hype. But we’re here to assure you that it isn’t. All it takes is a look at the Microsoft earnings for Q3 2013 to be certain that the cloud is here to stay. In fact, Microsoft Office 365, which features the premier cloud product SharePoint, is now raking in 1 billion in revenues annually.
There are many reasons the cloud is the better place to store files, but these three stand out the most:

1. It saves money.
To pay for an onsite Sharepoint solution, you have purchase expensive server hardware and licensing, including web, application and database servers (a minimum of one database and one web server is required). Add in the staff to manage it all and an expensive separate license for each internal user, and that figure jumps up to several thousand.

Now, consider the alternative: a cloud file storage and synchronization service, which stores and synchronizes all your data offsite. You don’t buy the equipment, you don’t need extra staff and there are no licensing fees to worry about. For any business looking to get started on the cloud, these savings just make sense.

2. It eliminates outsourcing.
With onsite file storage, you not only need to budget for extra in-house IT staff; you also need to make room in the budget for outsourcing. This includes hiring dedicated Microsoft administrators from time to time, not to mention a new consultant every time you have a question.
On the other hand, cloud file sharing and storage allows you to step away from the management of your system; the professionals who were on hand to see the implementation of your cloud solution are handling the back end somewhere else, and you never need to see them. Onsite duties stay in-house, and hands-off automated systems take care of all the updates and implementations.

3. Updates happen all the time.
Speaking of updates, cloud file sharing and storage gives you permission to forget all about them – because they happen so frequently, you’ll never have time to stop and wonder when they’re coming. An onsite file storage product only updates every couple of years; why would you want to use an outdated product?
Of course, licensing this product is not something the average business owner can afford. That is why d2 Business Solutions offers an affordable way for companies to take advantage of cloud file sharing, backup and storage services. Contact us to learn more.

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