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Why Cloud Computing Works for Small Business

How would you describe a small business? One that staffs less than 20 people, working at a single site? If you run a business that fits this description, consider the reasons why cloud computing can work for a small business like yours.

Small business owners are always seeking ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively – and in the uncertain environment we live in, they have to do it in a way that is as secure as possible. Those are the advantages that cloud computing offers. A cloud file service eliminates the need for a complicated, expensive network to be located onsite at the business. All that hardware is unnecessary, because the data center is located somewhere else – at the site of the secure, reliable cloud hosting service.

In short, small businesses should want cloud computing for three practical, cost-related reasons:

1.) Lower startup costs. Cloud based software applications, located on the web and delivered by a hosting provider, can cost a great deal less than their commercial counterparts. Plus, backing up data and storing data in the cloud can significantly lower the cost of running the network.

2.) Less space, more longevity. When you share files in the cloud and store all your data there too, there is less memory used on the computers in your office; that means a much longer lifespan for those machines. And, there is less space needed for network routing when you are on the cloud.

3.) Lower overhead. An in-house IT department is something that many small businesses just can’t afford. Some companies outsource to a mobile IT provider, but these services are expensive as well, piling on the overhead and driving down productivity while everyone waits for “the IT guy” to show up every time there is a problem.

While a cloud file service may not take the place of all a business’s IT needs, it certainly eliminates many frustrating and expensive issues. Storing, backing up and synchronizing data away from your location can make a big difference in how often you need IT support, which reduces your overhead.

Cloud computing works for small businesses, when the cloud file service you choose is competent, experienced and affordable. d2 Business Solutions can be that provider; contact us if you wish to receive more information.

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