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Cloud Computing

In this digital age no matter the size of your business, one just can’t survive without an online presence. Cloud is cost effective for small businesses and requires little to no investment. The entire idea of having an off site infrastructure became a trend in 2008, while nowadays it has become the groundwork of many IT companies.



Flexible and Convenient
There was a time when placing an infrastructure for an entire organization required a lot of time with an extremely slow ROI. Comparing this to cloud computing, the very same infrastructure with the same resources and size can be up and functional in less than an hour!

The ideal cloud solution for small businesses can be Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), such as Desktop2Go.  Small businesses can leverage DaaS to eliminate capital expenditures on IT and pay only for resources you need.  Dynamic businesses or seasonal organizations see extra value in the ability to spin up new desktops in minutes with no upfront costs. Access applications seamlessly without making investments on in-house servers. Pre-configured apps are easily available a click away providing leverage to your business, saving considerable time as you prepare to go online.

Desktops-as-a-Service also offer great flexibility should the small business plan to increase the size of their infrastructure while avoiding any downtime. Such flexibility allows small businesses to mold the servers according to their needs. This includes the ability to create, re-create, upgrade, or even compromise servers with minimum costs.

Cost Effective
Cloud computing can remove and/or reduce considerable costs of various elements relevant to a small busines business:
• License fees
• Training costs
• Infrastructure costs
• Hosting costs
• Redundancy costs

Cloud Utility
The main benefit of the cloud is the abundance of storage capacity. Store anything from documents, pictures, videos or any other form of data you can think of. This includes an added functionality which is the niche of cloud computing, the share feature. Share any file with anyone anywhere, while the data stays securely backed up on your servers.

In other words cloud computing not only lowers costs, but increases your productivity as well by streamlining business processes. Many young businesses are implementing cloud into their businesses giving them an upper hand over competitors. Since not everyone has caught up to this latest technology, doing the same will allow your own get ahead as well. The ability to auto update without licensing issues, negating the need of IT staff and equipment as well as reducing maintenance costs makes installing cloud services a no brainer.

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